north east accountants helping freedom int

Darlington accountants firm have generously offered there services to us here at Freedom Int. As a non for profit organisation we struggle to pay for professional services like financial services.

Tax and accountancy are something we take very seriously. If we want to continue providing the services we do we need to make sure we are legal and don’t have the tx an chasing us for money. That would not help our cause at all.

So a big thank you to accountants northeast for their help and support.

Freedom Int campaigns are aimed at stimulating public debate on the issues of human rights and the role of the state with the hope of eventually bringing about the repeal of unjustifiably restrictive laws.

Freedom int is currently active in the UK and Australia.  However, its campaign is not restricted to any particular country.  Almost every country illegitimately curbs the rights of people in its territory.  Freedom INTERNATIONAL believes its principles should be applied universally.  It therefore welcomes members and interested parties from all over the world.

Although most Freedom int civil disobedience campaigns involve public nudity or the performance of other outlawed activities, the goal is not to encourage these activities themselves.  Its aim is rather to encourage the tolerance of these harmless activities, so that the rights of those who may wish to engage in them are respected.  The ultimate goal is the attainment of a mature, tolerant and free society.